Meet Our Leadership Team

Gentiam Electronics provides accessible education and tools to many, creating a world where building electronics is as easy as designing an app.

We are a small, early-stage company with a leadership team that has decades of combined experience across many established firms and startups, spread out over several competitive industries.

Omar Laldin, PhD

As a recognized expert with 16+ years R&D and industry experience in the electric motors field, I enjoy taking on a mentor role to instill confidence, and prepare students for their future roles in the workplace. I have held leadership and technical roles in several startups and Fortune 500 firms, spread across 6 countries. I have been personally awarded over $275,000 USD for electric motor-related research and am the author of 7 patents and 16 publications with over 8000 downloads. My work with electric motors has been featured in 6 newspaper and magazine articles.

Tarryn MacPherson, BASc

As a Sr. Engineer at Gentiam Electronics, I have a breadth of experience across engineering, science, and teaching, spanning over 5+ years. In industry, I have held technical roles in aerospace and vehicle electrification spaces, in areas of product development and testing. I have a pending patent in the electronics-related technology field. I have also spent multiple summers teaching at science and engineering camps for ages 8-14, where I developed an engaging teaching style encouraging students to apply what they learned in the classroom to their passions.

In the press

Magazine articles that feature Dr. Laldin’s work in electric motors

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Design World

Innovative motor designs for electric cars come to life through Multiphysics

Purdue Newsroom

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EE Power

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