About Us

All problems are solvable and we believe, through exploration, people can solve them. Creators and problem-solvers need the freedom to explore. We empower them to solve their most compelling problems through accessible, time-saving innovations.

To achieve these innovations we’ve come up with a winning strategy:

Target key functionality

Develop versatile products

Modularize relentlessly

Services and support

Our Story

In our combined decades of experience developing products and offering services at numerous companies and in over a dozen industries, we have seen a recurring challenge. Engineering hardware, tools, and systems are unreasonably expensive. Anyone who has worked in an under-funded industry group, a startup, a DIY project, or academia can relate to the sentiment: “THAT is too expensive! If I had the time, I could make one for a fraction of the cost.” 

Whether to launch game-changing ideas from humble beginnings in a garage, enable budget-restricted hiring managers to provide tools for their expanding groups, or allow students to design and test their work at home, there is an underserved need to provide affordable engineering tools and empower the ingenuity of these people. More challenging still is to develop these products to be reliable.


In addition to that, being considered experts “skilled-in-the-art” of engineering and product development, as well as budget-conscious consumers ourselves, we have often questioned the choice between certain every-day use high-tech products being overpriced or unreliable.

We have decided to take on these challenges, with a brand focused on empowering creators and problem-solvers by developing accessible and time saving innovations both for products we bring to the market or as a service for those of our clients. 

Our Approach

Target key functionality

The history of product development in the 20th and 21st centuries, from the “more buttons” approach of the 50s to the “more settings” theme of the 90s, has led to a legacy of products targeted to be complex and invariably expensive. Our company is focused on targeting key functionality, invariably making our products simpler yet more versatile, lower cost yet more robust.

Develop versatile products

Versatility offers enormous savings to our customers. Too often, we find ourselves saying “if this thing didn’t prevent me from doing that, I’d be able to use it here, there, and over there”. Do you really need five different handheld meters with five different sensors doing the same basic thing, or do you just need that one great meter which works with all of them? What if that meter was able to send signals back? What would you control with it?

Modularize relentlessly

Our approach enables us to keep modularizing, significantly driving down costs even further. Every commercial product we make is our gold standard for what we need ourselves and expect to use in our workspace and other products. Think economies-of-scale.

Services and support

We invest heavily in talking to our customers and understanding their needs and pain-points. Therefore allowing us to better understand customer needs and have a great product support team. Investing in this enables robust products, and great products reduce burdens on support teams. It’s a win-win.

Our Core Team

Our collective past individual experiences and accomplishments highlight the reasons we can meet our goals and succeed in our claims. 


Years Experience Decades of combined individual experience


Companies In established firms and startups


Key Industries Spread out over a dozen competitive industries


Patents and Publications Contributing technology and innovation to our fields


Assets Managed With trusted leadership responsibilities


Personal Awards For recognized independent capabilities


Industry Panels and Presentations Involved in our professional communities


Academic Degrees From BScs to PhDs, awarded or in progress

Our individual past experiences span numerous industries, including automotive and electric vehicles, aerospace and electric aircraft, electric utilities and renewables, defense, oil and gas, electronics, robotics, biomedical devices, and large motor manufacturing. Many of these have experienced rapid modernization in recent years, and have therefore required aggressive state-of-the-art approaches.

We gained our individual professional and academic experiences while living in several different countries, including Canada, US, Sweden, Finland, Spain, England, Austria, and Saudi Arabia. Understanding regional needs and cultural diversity is one of our unique strengths.

Finally, our core team loves to give back to the community. Whether it’s for philanthropy with the Special Olympics or Engineers Without Borders, student design teams such as for FSAE or Rocket, or professional associations like the IEEE, IEE, ASTM, ASQ, or APICS, the members of our core team continue to be active in a variety of volunteer activities.

Our Products and Services

Our First Product

ARCIMUSE is a cost-effective diagnostics tool that inspires rapid and economical debugging sessions. Our first product is motivated by the need to raise awareness and educate new developers on the value of industry best-practices like the V-Model Development Cycle, while removing the burden of building, maintaining, and debugging complex breadboarded systems to physically interact with their microcontrollers.

For experienced developers, we’ve designed a low-cost tool that provides the functionality of a voltmeter, a user interface panel, an annunciator panel, as well as some waveform analysis capability similar to that of modern oscilloscopes. In addition, the tool can continuously monitor and display memory variables without a computer, enabling rapid run-time and in-situ debugging.

The Motivation

Why would we develop such a device you ask?

Promotes industry best-practices

Technical development is rapidly changing and developers are expected to do more with less. Having an integrated testing environment with your hardware and software design is increasingly important to reach quicker milestones and captivate your imagination.

Small, intuitive, & affordable

Saves resources otherwise spent on expensive test equipment with critical functionality of key devices built-in and easy to understand.

V-Model Development Cycle

The V-Model is a systematic way of breaking down your idea into its smallest needs (or requirements), each being met with a designed solution. These solutions are then integrated and validated through tests at each level.

At the top level, the requirements justify the need or the business case thereby defining the product. In turn, they create requirements resulting in a design of the various systems it contains. In our version, the system-level requirements feed into subsystem and so forth, down to low-level implementation in the form of hardware or code. From this lowest level, and iteratively up to the highest level, the requirements are tested to validate the design.

The approach has a long and rich history in industry. Whether to manage development of every feature of an automotive product, every capability of an automated gardening system, or structuring the needs of your design process itself, managing and validating requirements has been a fundamental component of product and process development for decades.

However, in the course of our careers, we have found some interesting challenges. First, many new engineers or developers aren’t familiar with this approach, often requiring additional training to get integrated into these processes. Second, the DIY community hasn’t internalized these methods. As a result, both often take a “trial-and-error” approach, leading to excess iterations, increased costs, and long development times.
We believe the reason for this gap is a lack of affordable tools, especially for hardware validation. We intend to take on these challenges by empowering people and developing affordable and reliable products targeting fundamental technology needs in this area. We believe allowing people to obtain these tools for home and personal use will inherently result in systematic approaches being adopted and better products being developed for less time and less money.

Our Culture

  • Honor Confidentiality.

    In contrast with other companies providing low-cost engineering and consumer hardware, we take confidentiality seriously. Based out of North America, we honor these commitments to our customers and aggressively seek out suppliers capable of doing the same.

  • Take Risks.

    As a young company, we are driven to take intelligent risks and get out of our comfort-zones to investigate new areas, methods, and technologies, all enabled by a data-driven decision-making process.

  • Value Experience.

    We actively seek sources of experience and incorporate it into our decisions. We are always looking to work with retirees from related technical backgrounds or various areas of business development. If you fit this profile and are looking to contribute part-time, please reach out to us!

  • Reward Merit.

    A continuing challenge in any company is to sort through the options and target the prize. Establishing a meritocracy is the best tool a company has to achieve that and it is a core aspect of ours, made so by continually investing in procedures to encourage one. We actively reward merit, often focusing the spotlight on the hard work of our middle- and entry-level staff who actually did the work.

  • Contribute to our community.

    Whether technically or otherwise, contributing to groups in our community allows to stay connected, keep our ear to the ground, and meet phenomenal people. Aside from making our company more responsive, it allows us to find and open doors for future stars in our fields, while leveraging the experience of others with a solid past.

Our Locations


Our head office, including business development, marketing, legal, etc. This is where we met and started our activities, and where hard tech never sleeps.


Our core engineering and R&D activities, combined with access to resources at a world-class engineering university.

British Columbia

Our engineering and business support services subsidiary, allowing us to leverage the tech boom in the Canadian west coast.

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