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Electric Vehicles

High-volume, high-power motor drive systems with wide torque and speed ranges, targeting multiple performance indicators.

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Tools and Machinery

High-volume, low to moderate power systems, typically with predefined speeds. These include motors, inverters, dc-dc converters, etc.

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Industry Applications

Low-volume, high-power systems, utilizing line-connected or inverter-driven medium to large motors.

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Electric Utilities and Renewable Energy

Power system optimization with variable sources, using improved algorithms and hardware, for large-scale utilities as well as small-scale microgrids.

We provide consulting services for research and development of electrical power systems, their components, and test-fixtures, targeted towards the broad areas of electric vehicles (including electric powertrains), tools and machinery, industry motors and applications, and electric utilities. Our core competency is focused on hardware-level development, including electrical power devices such as electric motors, inverters, rectifiers, dc-dc converters, and so forth, as well as development of embedded systems used to control these devices.

We target near, intermediate, and long-term value to our clients, and are involved in all stages of the design process, including concept, design, and process validation. We offer detailed design, analysis, prototyping, testing, and productizing services. We also assist in establishing procedures for and executing detailed Design Analysis and Report (DA&R), Design Failure Mode and Event Analysis (DFMEA), and Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) processes.

For urgent projects focusing on immediate needs, we target building on available data in conjuction with advanced models, with the goal of optimizing the system configuration. The intermediate stage focuses on rapid design improvements using experience-based approaches. For the longer programs, we utilize advanced optimization techniques with high performance computing clusters. In all cases, we work with in-house teams to assist with optimizing key system performance indicators such as efficiency, mass, loss, volume, cost, torque, speed, power, harmonics, reliability, etc. Finally and upon request, we aid our customers in developing in-house capability, with teams that can execute future design work.

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Our Core Team

Our collective past experiences and accomplishments highlight the reasons we can meet our goals and succeed in our claims. For more information about our background, please visit the About Us page.

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Years Experience

Decades of combined experience



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Key Industries

Spread out over a dozen competitive industries


Patents and Publications 

Contributing technology and innovation to our fields

Our Qualitifications

The following staff classifications designate relative experience, training, and accomplishments of our experts within their respective technical fields.

RANK Qualifications
Principal• Senior-level technical or management, responsible for technical direction or general management or administration.
• Doctorate in engineering or sciences plus 5-8 years experience, or Masters in engineering or sciences plus 8-10 years experience, or Undergraduate in engineering or sciences plus 10+ years experience .
Lead Engineer• Senior technical professional providing individual consulting assignments or overall technical direction of projects.
• Doctorate in engineering or sciences plus 0-2 years experience, or Masters in engineering or sciences plus 1-3 years experience, or Undergraduate in engineering or sciences plus 3-5 years experience .
Senior Engineer• Experienced technical professional skilled in planning, organizing, controlling, and executing complex, higher-order projects or assignments.
• Masters in engineering or sciences plus 0-2 years experience, or Undergraduate in engineering or sciences plus 1-3 years experience .
Engineer• Trained/degreed professional responsible for executing technical assignments and documentation in support of client projects.
• Undergraduate in engineering or sciences plus 0-2 years experience.
Associate• Personnel in training, experienced in instrumentation, programming, laboratory testing, data processing, engineering graphics, documentation, specialized tasks, and development or execution of engineering methodologies in support of projects.
• An undergraduate in engineering or sciences in progress.
Non-technical Assistant• Personnel who assist technical staff in various non-technical areas, including scheduling, report productions, communications, logistics, and project support.

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